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Bedding E-commerce always feels so….

⦿ Lack of Funds

Lack of funds to shoot the products, and pictures always look similiar with other bedding supplier.

⦿ Low Quality Pictures

Pictures always let customers lack of interest, and also don't know how to write marketing promotional content.

⦿ Monotonous Designs

Purchase quantity are too low, items styles are too monotonous, want to choose more patterns but have to worry about large amounts of inventory.

Our Solution:

We have our own studio and professional photographer; we can provide you all the pictures of the product you purchase for free.

Besides, we also have marketing experts that can help you to figure out your marketing promotional content.

The first order, COMRIS don't have the limited minimum order quantity, besides, we accept mix orders that can help you to fix these problems.


COMRIS possesses over 10-year experience of being bedding e-commerce, from the past experiences, we realized that pattern diversity, perfect pictures and textures are the most important things.

The best reason for customers to purchase the products is to provide wonderful pictures and high quality products. However, for the bedding e-commerce, the most difficult issue is pictures, the bedding need a large studio to shoot the product pictures; therefore, if the studio just provide few simple styles and patterns, it will not be beneficial.


Free Photo

COMRIS has own professional studio and photographer that we can provide you the product photos style you need.

Graphic Integration

COMRIS has own art design team, providing DM and packaging design.

Mixed Orders

We accept a wide range of MOQ with flexible ordering solutions.


We are long term supplier for Carrefour, Yahoo. Etc.


COMRIS, the product type and pattern are abundant, the pictures and textures have gone through the strict check by our professional team. If you need to sell with a brand, we have owned FAMTTINI(Italy), Jumendi(Paris), Yacusima(Japan) three international registered brands.

We can offer you the products using authorization and suggestion.
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